Western Journalism Post Today is Appalling

This report comes after another report in 2010 that 14 State Governors were warned they will be arrested for treason for forming “State Defense Forces (also known as State Guards, State Military Reserves, State Militias) in the United States. Why does this action anger the President? Well, perhaps it’s because State Military Reserves operate under the sole authority of a state government, which is out of Obama’s control. It appears that at least 14 State Governors do not trust President Obama either.

Why China’s Economy Will Topple

Why China’s economy will topple and take the world down with it.

Rumors of Economic Collapse

  I think we are naive if we think we can continue (as a nation and individually) in the direction…

Is It The End of America as We Know It?

   Is It The End of America as We Know It?  This is the question I have been asking myself…

Dangerous Future

  The first video tells us about many situation we were likely not aware of and shows us that it…

Gold and Silver as Legal Currency

  People are wondering about the need to purchase gold and silver and if they can use them as legal…

Is U.S. Preparing For Martial Law

MUST WATCH! Published on Sep 6, 2013 The Original Was Uploaded 8/16/13…. False Flag Alert….There is to much chatter for…

China Dominant Financial Center

This article presents an interesting point about Hong Kong’s and Singapore’s financial exchanges, how it is a look into America’s future, and it is a warning for us.

UN Troops Training on US Bases

There have been multiple civilian sightings of strange planes landing at American Air Force bases, all carrying UN troops and/or…

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