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NewsMax Reports on Situation With N.Korea

NewsMax Reports on Situation With N.Korea Sen. Cardin: Trump’s Words Making NKorea Matter Worse President Donald Trump’s language about North…

America’s Forum

Best-selling author and potential presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson discusses what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, what we must do to confront ISIS, and why he might actually run for president.

USA Military Shrinking: China, Russia and Iran Expanding

U.S. Military Cuts Would Bring Troops Down To Pre World War 2 Level – America’s Newsroom Published on Feb 24, 2014…

Western Journalism Post Today is Appalling

This report comes after another report in 2010 that 14 State Governors were warned they will be arrested for treason for forming “State Defense Forces (also known as State Guards, State Military Reserves, State Militias) in the United States. Why does this action anger the President? Well, perhaps it’s because State Military Reserves operate under the sole authority of a state government, which is out of Obama’s control. It appears that at least 14 State Governors do not trust President Obama either.

Is It The End of America as We Know It?

   Is It The End of America as We Know It?  This is the question I have been asking myself…

Dangerous Future

  The first video tells us about many situation we were likely not aware of and shows us that it…

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