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NewsMax Reports on Situation With N.Korea

NewsMax Reports on Situation With N.Korea Sen. Cardin: Trump’s Words Making NKorea Matter Worse President Donald Trump’s language about North…

Teach Patriotism to Children

Taken from Why are favorite stories about American history (such stories as “Bunker Hill” and “Midnight Run of Paul…

Interesting views on the Republican Party, his recent debate, racism and attitudes today about color. The man is an interesting person and has good common sense about life in general for America.

Ben Carson Says:

We know ISIS cells are in America  so what are we going to do about it?  Dr. Ben Carson says…

America’s Forum

Best-selling author and potential presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson discusses what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, what we must do to confront ISIS, and why he might actually run for president.

Celtic Women – Uplifting

You Lift Me Up   The Prayer   Celtic Woman – You’ll Never Walk Alone I used to sing this…

A Global America

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE VIDEOS From the History Channel America’s History is the very reason why we WILL NOT live under…

American History

The Sons of Liberty and the Boston Tea Party   (2 min) TV-14 In 1771, a group of colonists protest thirteen…

Children Video: The American Revolution

Liberty`s Kids #04 Liberty or Death  Mimielove55 Published on Oct 16, 2012 This video is really good to watch if you…

Kids and Cell Phones

Many kids and parents are having discussions about whether their child should get a cell phone and when. Parents worry about their children’s exposure to threats and bullying. These videos should help a parent decide on when their children should have a phone and or how to make the transition to phones a little easier for the family.

Hand-writing On the Wall

The hand-writing is on the wall, the day of enacting “Martial Law” and the coming of “New World Order”, are very close to becoming a reality.

Need More Joy in Your Life?

Do you need a little more joy in your life? Well, perhaps this video of a military performance can help you fulfill this need. It was a beautiful break for me.

Alternative Living

We live in times that require a little bit of creativity in alternative homes. Here are some interesting ideas for you to consider.

You think you’ve had a bad day, what about these cats? They should make you laugh a bit and put a smile on your face. If you are like me, you could use a little laughter!

USA Military Shrinking: China, Russia and Iran Expanding

U.S. Military Cuts Would Bring Troops Down To Pre World War 2 Level – America’s Newsroom Published on Feb 24, 2014…

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