Editor Judith Sherman

This site is set up to help you stay informed by video about events taking place or are brewing in our country today that may affect our future freedoms as a nation.

I will be the first to admit that some of this information is far-fetched and seems unbelievable but who would ever believe that what we have already witnessed over the last decade would be taking place either?

What I do is watch the videos and determine for myself what seems credible and put that information into a mental file in my brain until a picture begins to form that gives me direction on what actions need to be taken–if any. This is what I suggest you do as well instead of becoming excited and worrisome about your future. Just do what you can do and then be at peace.

I suggest that you put aside some food and money for emergencies and prepare the family with information that will help them respond appropriately to what situations you believe will affect your family. I also suggest that you make a concerted effort to pull the family close together and learn to depend on each other, they are your most valuable resource in difficult times.

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