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include my grandchildren and are my main interest and reason for life.  I also enjoy writing, crocheting, and blogging.  


About Judith

My name is Judith L. Sherman, published author of “The Treasure Box Series” and “Sex, What About It”.   There are two more books in the works and published within the year.

Why Stormy Days Food?

It wasn’t long ago that the East Cost faced Hurricane Sandy and left people in need of outside help for basic necessities.

When “Mother Nature” kicks up her heels, communities are left with empty grocery store shelves and no access to bank accounts.

Hot food and clean drinking water is often a scarcity after a disaster and can last for several days or weeks. Finding a warm and dry place to rest is a premium or perhaps prohibitive.

Many situations can leave us unprepared and without the basics we need to sustain ourselves and our families. It only makes sense to have some sort of an emergency program in place with food and supplies that will see us through an event or until help arrives.

These are uncertain times. Nearly every day,”Life Storms” test our resolve to meet the challenges of day to day living: such as rising medical expenses and medication costs-rising rent and mortgage expenses-rising costs for gasoline and utilities-rising out-of-pocket spending at the grocery store.

The U.S. Government is behaving irresponsibly (even dysfunctional) when it does nothing to get its spending under control; for the past past four years, they had not even passed a regular budget without forcing an emergency (short-term) solution. A successful business (including government) would never consider functioning without a budget? As a result of government’s out-of-control spending, America is heading over the cliff and into the abyss of economical collapse and chaos.

Today, there is a genuine need for a food storage program and for setting aside money and supplies that cover unexpected emergencies.

For example:

  • Loss of income from loss of a job, slowdown in the economy, injury, illness or death of a wage earner.
  • Weather conditions and/or disasters that cause food shortages and empty grocery store shelves.
  • Government payroll or subsidy checks are late or held up for a time.
  • An attack on America, such as 9/11/2001, that disrupts food distribution and availability of medical and emergency supplies.

Life on Earth produces uncertainty and hardship when the unexpected happens. Being prepared for an unfortunate event, and possibly for our own survival, provides peace of mind for us and the entire family. Putting together our resources and skill can help us handle the situation better than if we had to bear it alone.

The government has its own storage program that includes food items and supplies for an unexpected event. Shouldn’t we do the same thing in our own households. 

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