NewsMax Reports on Situation With N.Korea

NewsMax Reports on Situation With N.Korea
Sen. Cardin: Trump’s Words Making NKorea Matter Worse

President Donald Trump’s language about North Korea has made an extremely dangerous situation even worse, Sen. Ben Cardin, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Tuesday.

“We have got to find a common interest,” the Maryland lawmaker told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “China is the country that can change the equation in North Korea’s calculation.”

China does have a different agenda than the United States, he stressed, and “wants to make sure there’s a communist North Korea,” while the United States wants to be sure North Korea doesn’t develop a nuclear capacity that can endanger Americans.

“Both China and the United States would like this done without a military option,” Cardin told the show. “We have got to find a common agenda working with China, and maybe Russia, that can tone down this crisis.”

Cardin said he believes it’s important to assure North Korea that its security can be guaranteed without the use of nuclear weapon. Meanwhile, China wants to be sure that a Democratic government does not replace North Korea’s leaders on its border.

“Our main interest right now is to tone down, to deal with the nuclear threat of North Korea,” said Cardin. “To use a military option could be catastrophic.”

If Trump wants to use force, though, he should ask Congress for authorization, Cardin continued.

“That’s what I believe is the constitutional responsibility of separation of the branches,” Cardin said. “Congress authorizes force. At this point, though, I would hope that he is looking at a way of dealing with North Korea without the use of a military option.”

The effectiveness of a military option is not known, said Cardin, but what is clear is “there could be extreme casualties.”

China and Russia likely agree that a military option puts their countries at risk as well, said the senator. “We have to find
at least explore a common agenda on diplomacy.”

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With Russia right next door to North Korea, we can understand why Putin has a problem with anything the United States might do that may aggravate the situation and make it more dangerous for Russia.

The same basic problem exists with China standing against Kim Il-Sung. Japan and S. Korea (as well as other small nations) have had their own problems with N. Korea so it can become a  big problem for the United States if the United Nations do not get North Korea to stop threatening nations with nuclear missile attacks.

North Korea has been a problem for a long time (at least since the 1950’s). Past Presidents have struggled with this problem but have not really made any headway in solving the problem. 

Deals have been made with N.Korea but they won’t keep their promises and continue with their nuclear program. In other words, we are here at this point in time because prior administrations could not keep North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in check.

So where we Trump go from here? If past administration’s efforts have not stopped North Korea, then why do Democrats, politicians, and the public think backing off now will calm down the situation? We are where we are now because no prior administrations have been able to stop him so what else can we do but stand up to the World Bully?

It appears to me that what will happen will happen no matter WHAT THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT DOES; it is what it is!  As a result, we are at a point now where it will take some sort of action or sit and wait for North Korean missiles to hit us–as nuclear or EMP’s (that will knock out everything electronic and send the U.S., back to the dark ages).


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