Gold and Silver as Legal Currency

  People are wondering about the need to purchase gold and silver and if they can use them as legal tender?  Below is several videos by experts to help you answer these questions.


    Arizona set to OK gold, silver currency – USA Today…/arizonagoldsilvercurrency/210003…

    USA Today   Apr 20, 2013 – Arizona set to OK gold, silver currency …. is on track to become the second state in the nation to recognize gold and silver coins as legal tender.

    Outcry After GOP Arizona Gov. Brewer Vetoes Gold and Silver Bill › Economy › Economics‎  May 4, 2013 – Steve Smith, for example, told the Associated Press that the people ofArizona see the value in legalizing the use of gold and silver as money.

    Arizona governor vetoes bill making gold, silver legal tender | Reuters…/us-usa-arizona-gold-idUSBRE94202M2013…

    Reuters     “May 3, 2013 – The bill called for Arizona to make gold and silver coins and bullion legal tender beginning in mid-2014, joining existing U.S. currency issued …

    Arizona Legal Tender Act | Restoring Constitutional Money in Arizona‎  5 days ago – Today, the Arizona Senate passed SB1439 Gold and Silver Coin asLegal Tender and sent the bill to the Governor. She should sign the bill as 

    Arizona bill recognizes gold, silver as legal currency – CBS News…/arizona-bill-recognizes-goldsilver-as-le‎  CBS News      May 1, 2013 – The Arizona state Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that would makegold and silver legal currency in the state. The bill, previously approved 

    Utah officially makes gold and silver legal tender |…/utah-officially-makes-gold-and-silv‎  Marketplace      Nov 20, 2013 – Gold and Silver bullion is offered for sale at the Chicago Coin Company May 11, 2006 in Chicago, Ill. Utah’s governor signed into law this week  … As seen in the first video posted, warnings were given regarding a collapse of the dollar and the American Way of Life, as well as predicting the situation with economies around the world.


    Arizona legislators pass bill to authorize gold and silver as legal tender…‎  Feb 24, 2014 – Arizona legislators pass bill to authorize gold and silver as legaltender …. Gold, silver, copper are scarce and have been used as money as far  
    Arizona Introduces SB1096: Gold and Silver as Legal Tender | Tenth › Issues › Federal Reserve

    Jan 20, 2014 – Arizona Introduces SB1096: Gold and Silver as Legal Tender  where good money (gold and silver coins) will drive out bad money (Federal  

    Gold & Silver Could Soon Be Legal Currency In This State | Off The…/goldsilver-could-soon-be-legalcurrency-i…

     4 hours ago – Arizona Senate Bill 1096, or the Constitutional Tender Act, would makegold and silver into legal tender or money in the state. The law wouldn’t  

    THEY Are Going To Confiscate YOUR Silver!!!  First watch these videos

    Published on Nov 5, 2013 reupload from Silver Bullet Silver Shield video series

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