UN Troops Training on US Bases

There have been multiple civilian sightings of strange planes landing at American Air Force bases, all carrying UN troops and/or having UN markings (or none).

My husband, a Vietnam vet, has been back and forth to Overton-Brooks VA Medical Hospital three times a week this month. Barksdale Air Force Base, one of the most secure Strategic Air Command (SAC) bases in the nation, has had unusual C-130s or C-136s fly into Barksdale AFB and land at all hours. The interstate runs in front of the side and front of the base and is clearly visible with no restraints. (Barksdale is where President George W. Bush landed on 9/11, it is such a safe, secure, and well-guarded installation.) These flights have been reported by other citizens and several of the military men who work inside the base have reported that the UN troops are given US military clothing and name tags. When our servicemen question this, the soldiers are told they did NOT see what they just saw.  Base operations refused to confirm or deny or discuss these sightings.

Should this report be concerning to you?  Of course it should!!  Pictures and actions speak loudly and to me, it says we can expect UN troops are here for some nefarious reason or the military would have been more forth coming about why United Nations planes and  troops are here.
You can make what you want out of this story, but one thing is for sure:  foreign troops are on U.S. soil and wearing U.S. military uniforms and name tags.  This fact alone should say volumes to anyone paying attention.  It says that something is on the horizon requiring UN troops to keep the peace because our own soldiers will not be able to fulfill this need.

foreign troops are on U.S. soil

Published on Sep 3, 2013
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